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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
Deer Hair CDC Upright Wing BWO Dry Fly

Deer Hair CDC Upright Wing BWO Dry Fly

This pattern has a great silhouette of a natural Mayfly and is perfect for your favorite BWO dry fly.  This pattern sits low in the water column like a natural insect does, paired with the silhouette you get a deadly combination for an extremely effective pattern.  Change out the color to match a PMD, or any other Mayfly.  The deer hair will aid the CDC in floating this fly.  Although similar to a Comparadun, this pattern is different.  We believe you will enjoy this pattern and hope you share your success using this pattern with us. Instagram and Facebook Pages


Materials List

Hook: Moonlit Togatta ML101 sz14-20

Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 12/0 Pale Olive

Tail: Hends Microfibetts Light Dun

Body: Natures Spirit BWO Olive Turkey Biot

Wing: Natures Spirit Medium Dun X Caddis  Deer Hair/ Natures Spirit Medium Slate Dun CDC

Thorax: Semperfli Kapok Dubbing Pale Olive


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