Let’s face it, no mater how careful we are with our equipment  things happen.  At Leland we know how important your fishing time is so our goal first and foremost is to get you back out and on the water.  Below you will find instructions for Leland products.  For other products or manufacturers we carry needing repair please contact us.

Leland Rod Co. Fly Rod and Reel Repairs

All Leland Fly  Rods and Reels come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty with proof of original purchase.  

Rods:  Please contact us directly with the model of your Leland Rod including series, weight, and length.  Also, please note that the we refer to the tip section as section #1 and count up so the butt section (cork handle) on a 4 pc. rod would be considered section #4. Call us directly and we will email you the proper paper work or simply assist you over the phone with the part you need to replace.  Cost per section#1 and #2 is $75 plus $13 shipping (US only), section #3 is $100 plus $13 shipping and handling, and the grip section is $120 plus $13 shipping and handling. If you are calling from outside the US rates will be determined by actual shipping cost.

Any section for a Leland Sonoma series rod (Emerger, Starter, Traveler, Coast, Predator, or Summer Steelhead) is $60 per section plus shipping charges noted above.  If for some reason we do not currently have the section you need or the model has been discontinued we will work with you on a case by case basis to resolve the issue.

Reels:  Often times Fly reel  issues can be solved immediately with assistance from a Leland staff member.  Please call us direct at 208.244.0793 and we will work with you to solve the problem.  More often than not, we can simply send you a replacement part if needed.

Please contact us directly to further assist you.