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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
Purple Haze Klinkhammer Dry Fly Emerger

Purple Haze Klinkhammer Dry Fly Emerger

When you take and combine the Klinkhammer and Purple Haze fly patterns the result is a versatile and effective fly combining the best of both worlds. The Klinkhammer pattern is known for its buoyancy and visibility with the body sitting under the surface of the water, while the Purple Haze pattern is known for its attractive color and fish-catching ability.

Yu could use the basic structure of the Klinkhammer fly, featuring a wing post that sits on the surface of the water and suspends the body of the fly below the surface. Then, instead of using the typical brown or tan body of the Klinkhammer, you could tie in a body made of purple dubbing, biots, or thread to mimic the Purple Haze pattern.

Experiment with different variations and combinations to find the best mix of elements for the specific fishing conditions and fish species you are targeting. As with any fly pattern, it's important to test and tweak the design to see what works best in your particular situation.

We fish this pattern in two different ways.  The first one is trailing behind a traditional Purple Haze pattern with 4-5ft of tippet off our Platinum Featherweight, or NIRVANAN Drifter Furled Leaders, as a trailing emerger pattern about 18-24in behind the first fly.  We also like to use it as a point fly when fish seem to be targeting more emergers than actual dries with a purple soft hackle trailing behind it in the same fashion.

Purple Haze Klinkhammer Tying Video


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