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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Midnight Sun Adventures

Deep within the Alaskan Arctic, on the edge of the Brooks Range where the summer sun never sets and moose, musk ox, and caribou still roam their ancient territories, there is a secret.  And only a few lucky anglers will ever fish these clear, classic rivers to which the world’s largest race of sea-run dolly varden return each year.

Midnight Sun Adventures Fishing:

This trip is all about dollies – large ones to be specific – that average seven plus pounds and exceed twenty pounds on a fair basis.  To make things even more interesting,  anglers fly about one at a time in Piper Cubs landing with soft, oversized tires on the rocky beaches of four exceedingly wild and productive rivers.  Once you have landed, your solitude is essentially guaranteed each and every day, with the exception of your campmates.  Best suited to skilled anlgers fond of swinging streamers on sink-tip lines, these rivers typically offer five to ten quality fish per day with the chance at a true world record.

Midnight Sun Adventures Accommodations:

The lodge is very rustic, with a rambling array of small, stove-heated bunk cabins and simple hearty meals that are served in the main cabin.  This is wild Alaska – utter soliture, no roads, and no other lodges. Just you, a couple of Piper Cubs, and four rivers full of sea sculpted char that can top fifteen pounds.  A remarkable Alaskan experience for the adventurous angler.

Midnight Sun Adventures Travel:

To reach Midnight Sun Adventures, anglers will need to make flight arrangements in and out of Kotzebue, Alaska.  Since anglers are encouraged to arrive at Kotzebue in the morning, overnighting in Anchorage is encouraged, but for the adventuresome, arriving at Kotzebue the night before and overnighting there can also be arranged.  Due to potential weather related delays in departing the lodge, anglers are encouraged to schedule their flight out of Kotzebue in the afternoon.

A representative from the lodge will pick you up in Kotzebue and fly you roughly 1 hour out to the lodge.

Midnight Sun Guide Staff and Fishing Program:

Anglers typically fly one at a time in Piper Cubs to the elected pools and rivers.  During a typical week with agreeable weather anglers might fish as many as three separate river systems.  All planes are wheel planes and landings are made at low air speeds on rock beaches/bars adjacent the rivers.  Guiding is somewhat relaxed and the fishing is best suited to skilled anglers not requiring excessive instruction.

Midnight Sun Climate:

Being located within the Arctic Circle, the weather is highly variable at all times of year.  While daytime highs may reach 75 degrees, it is just as likely that they stay within the 40’s. Come well prepared for cold, inclement conditions.

Midnight Sun Power and Communications:

There is a telephone at camp and power is provided by a generator that is turned off at night.


Transportation between Kotzebue and the lodge, lodging, meals and guiding.

Not Included:

Air transportation to and from Kotzebue, alcohol, licenses and gratuities.

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