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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Golden Dorado, Parana River

Solid Adventures Lodge on the Parana River:
The Solid Adventures Lodge is located along the upper section of the famous Parana River, in North Argentina, a 1:30 flight from the city of Buenos Aires. The Solid Adventures Lodge is a typical fisherman hut from the north of Argentina with accommodations for eight anglers in single and double rooms. The Solid Adventures Lodge is complete with modern conveniences, offering internet connection, mobile phone signal and satellite TV.

Solid Adventures Parana River Season:
January, February and March are the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere and the best time to catch Golden Dorados as they are a tropical water fish and more active in warmer water.

Solid Adventures Guides & Schedules:
Solid Adventures provides four experienced, English speaking guides for groups of six anglers. They are among the most knowledgable fly fishing guides in the region and will take you to the most active spots on the Parana River. The day is divided into two fly fishing sessions to avoid the heat at noon, with a morning session from 6 to 11AM and afternoon
session that from 4PM until sunset. Most of the fly fishing on the Parana River is done from Solid Adventures boats. All boats are very well equipped and have room enough to have both anglers fishing at the same time, with small electric engines for controlling the drift along the banks. The expert guides take you up and down the Parana River, looking for areas close to the banks where trees or branches come out from the water, breaking the current. The Golden Dorados hold and feed there. This fishing involves a lot of accurate casts, hitting targets and shooting with the time to make only three or four fast strips and get back on a new target. Fishing for Golden Dorado on the Parana River is the most dynamic fly fishing followed by the most aggressive takes! Let Solid Adventures show you the time of your life!

The Fishing:
During a normal day on the Parana River, an angler has many opportunities and many takes, sometimes up to a hundred. An average fly fisherman with the help of Solid Adventures can expect to land ten Golden Dorados per session, and at least one over 15 pounds a day.
• Top Golden Dorado sizes surpass the 25 lb and fish of 40+ lb have been caught in the area.
• Even though the main fish is the Golden Dorado, there are a large variety of other fish like the Pirá Pitá that rise for dry flies.

The Equipment:
It’s warm! Use saltwater tackle and clothing. Usually 8wt salt watersingle-handed rod, with tropical weather lines – floating only. The flies are big and bulky to push water and attract these Parana River predators.

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