The Tailknott'r with Cutting Tool - The Ultimate Knot Tying Tool

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The Tailknott’r© is a patented high quality knot tying tool, that ties a patented knot (plus about 34 other knots).

It is engineered to produce rapid and simple knots. As well as splice line and more. In addition to tying knots, it will cut line (including braided line) with the built in line cutter, it has a built in bottle opener, and built in eyelet for attaching to a zinger or other retractable device.

Most anglers habitually will use less than a half a dozen knots which they will usually tie by hand. Now with the help of the Tailknott'r© knot tying tool you can quickly learn to tie many more effective knots quickly, and easily but more importantly stronger knots.

GOLD color is out of stock.

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