Sonoma Predator Fly Rod - 9' 9-Weight 4-Piece 990-4

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Accurate, rapid-fire casts and the power to cast big bass flies is ready and waiting for you.


Chasing bass and other predatory warm water fish with a fly rod is simply a blast. Whether largemouth, smallmouth, or pike this rod can handle the job. Most bass won't venture too far from the perceived safety of structure. Whether a log or a dock, the bass hold tight. This means you've got to have pin-point accuracy on every cast...even with larger, more wind resistant flies. Combine accuracy with never-ending, rapid-fire casts and you better be using the right fly rod. The good news is, we've got the right fly rod for the job. The Sonoma Predator fly rod was designed from the ground up to provide a day's worth casts efficiently. Your arm won't fatigue and you'll smile on every cast, waiting for the inevitable "blow up."

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