Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Rod 476-6 7' 6" 4wt


Sale price$495.00


This unique Fiberglass fly rod will provide you an opportunity to celebrate the classic approach to small stream trout fishing.


Leland Rod Co - Sierra Nevada, Fiberglass, 6 Piece:

Fiberglass fly rods provide you an opportunity to celebrate a classic approach to small stream trout fishing!

There's something very unique and special when you fish a well-designed fiberglass fly rod. With a noticeably slower action, fiberglass celebrates the classic approach to fly fishing. You'll find each cast becomes more memorable. The Leland Rod Co. Fiberglass fly rod is seven and a half feet in length, allowing one to cast more effectively in tighter quarters. This length also better balances the rod, while in hand. As a four weight, your presentations will be very subtle, yet you can still cast larger dry flies like Royal Wulffs and Humpies when the summer winds blow.



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