Semperfli Superfine Dubbing Dispenser

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Color Option: Natural
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Semperfli Superfine Dubbing 

Pick from the Combo Dispensers to tie a variety of different patterns.  This is an ultra fine dubbing created to be used to make normal dubbing by simply breaking with your fingers, or because it has been left in long combed strands you can use Superfine Dubbing as twisted detached bodies by simply twisting in your fingers. Semperfli Superfine Dubbing is 80 micron diameter, which makes it a superfine dubbing. As a dubbing it is soft, breaks easily creating dubbing, or in its 2in (50mm) strips could be used to create detached bodies equally easily. You can blend Superfine Dubbing with other colors in this range, with their Sparkle Dubbing or Ice Dubbing also for stunning effects.

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