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Semperfli is known for their innovative take on tying materials.  Welcome Semperfli Semperflash to the mix.  This material is great for anyone using Krystal Flash, or Flashabou in their flies.  Use it to add some flash into your wings, tails, as ribbing, or to add some sparkle into your streamers. Semperfli’s worked with pro tiers to create their own version of Krystal Flash/Flashabou and was able to  hank 300 strands of the material in 10” / 25cm long hanks tied at the top rather than center tied unlike other hanked materials on the market. With the full length of 10” strands being usable these can be used to create flies from the smallest chironomid/buzzer breathers to huge Tarpon or Muskie flies using the full 10” length of this amazing winging material.


Unique Features:

  • Durable Material
  • 300 strands per package
  • 10" inch strand length
  • Adds flash, and movement to fly

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