SemperFli Fluoro Brite Fluoro Tying Threads

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Semperfli Fluoro Brite was born to be different than other tying threads.  It is unique in that it can be used as normal standard tying threads, or untwisted and used as a floss for bodies on your flies.  The fluorescent color can be seen under a UV light, and unlike other brands of Fluoro Bright threads Semperfli Fluoro Bright threads are the same denier/ aught size. 

The flourescent materials are most effective one hour before daylight, and or one hour after sunset.  This is because there are still UV rays that are still being refracted through the atmosphere helping these hot spots glow.

These fluorescent threads glow bright and can also be used make incredible tails with the crinkle from the twists in the thread.


Thread Size

120 Denier or 6/0

Recommended Hook Sizes

  • Hooks ranging from size 2/0 up to size 10 regular strand of thread 
  • hooks ranging in size 10 through 20 split the thread.

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