SemperFli Bodyspan Spandex Elastic

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Semperfli Bodyspan Spandex is  5M X 0.4Mm and an elastic material  that is extremely versatile.  It is ideal for tying your buzzers, nymphs, and many other bodies.  It can also be used to tie your nymph bodies, and shell backs on your favorite nymph patterns.  It is strong enough and small enough to be used as rubber legs on smaller patterns, and also used as tailing materials as well. Being made of spandex if you stretch the end it will fray creating really cool and strong tails.

Don't over look the possibility of making a hot spot on the butt of a fly as well.  Bodyspan comes on a nice small round spool that fits neatly into your tying bag and is easy to grab and use. 

Check out the different color options and let your imagination run free.

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