Semperfli Straggle Legs Spools (Micro Legs)


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The worlds finest chenille has got even better for legs, 10mm long sparse strands makes these stunning fibers for all invertebrate and dry fly patterns. Try two strands twisted together for superb effects.

Perfect for Legs & Hackles with an Ultra-Fine Core

We wanted a product that would create legs better than any synthetic material on the market. We designed an ultra fine core fritz with 10mm crinkled strands and spread them sparsely so they would not overlap. Dyed in lots of colors to match legs on insects and invertebrates and mixed in fluoro dyed versions as attractor colors.

Whats the Difference Between Straggle LEGS & Straggle STRING?

Straggle String is a market leader as a micro straggle with the thinnest core available in a range of colors. Straggle String has shorter and tighter strands with UV flecks making Straggle String perfect for thoraxes and micro legs. Straggle String has been adopted by Hans Van Klinken as a peacock herl replacement for his Klinkhammer.

Straggle String and Straggle Legs sit side by side on the tyers bench and on flies perfect for thoraxes and legs.


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