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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Red Truck Diesel 6wt 12ft 6inch Double Hand Rod, 6126-4

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If you're new to two handed fly casting, you just found the perfect fly rod.  Great for learning, perfect for fishing.


Red Truck Diesel Summer Steelhead Rod:

Summer run steelhead make for some of the most enjoyable fly fishing around, but an inefficient setup can distract you from the fun at hand. Enjoy every cast, focus on the fishing, and reduce fatigue. Invest in a rod that will last forever and experience the Red Truck Diesel 6126-4.

For some very strange reason, catching a steelhead on a fly rod is appealing. Whether you've already joined the chrome club or are thinking about pursuing this great fish on the fly, the fact is...we're all in the “crazy club” if you actually consider the facts. When compared to the general trout population, steelhead are a rarity. Water conditions and seasonal timing must be part of the formula. And...even when you spot a steelhead holding in a run, there's no guarantee it will eat.

So why do we chase such a fish and why do we make the challenge even harder by choosing to fly fish? Maybe it's because of the beauty that most steelhead rivers provide, maybe it's because the payoff is pretty big. At Red Truck, we believe the real “maybe” is that steelheading is a wonderful excuse to cast...and cast a lot. With the right fly rod in your hand, fly casting (even without catching a fish) is enjoyable, cathartic and redeeming. And when your line goes tight after a beautiful and efficient cast and a chrome fish leaps from your river...the world seems right, if even for a moment.

For these reasons, we at Red Truck, designed what we believe to be the best, all-around summer steelhead two-handed fly rod. Forget hyped-up, material-based marketing. Forget super performance hyperbole, let's talk about a fly rod that is well-balanced, stable, efficient and just plain fun to cast again and again. At 12'6' in length, we believe it's just right for fishing most of the rivers that summer steelhead call home. As a six weight, it generates enough power and casts the appropriate line systems to accurately deliver the flies that summer fish respond to.

It's designed to make a battle with a six pound fish memorable, yet still has the power to bank the odd double-digit fish you dream of encountering. We're not kidding...we've don it. Of course we've used the right blank materials and components, including top-quality cork on our uniquely shaped grip. We just don't like to scream to you that materials and components alone make a worthy fly rod...they don't! It's the big picture that counts. You'll know what we're talking about the day you cast our work on a summer steelhead river. You'll smile between fish and you'll truly understand what we're about when your line tightens during a swing and your Red Truck Diesel 6126-4 Spey rod comes to life.