Red Truck Diesel Game Fish 7Ten Sealed Drag Reel - 7/10


Retrieve: Left Hand Wind
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Red Truck Diesel Game Fish 7Ten Sealed Drag Reel – 7/10

When looking for a reel for your heavier fly rods you need something with power that's up to the task.  Red Truck Fly Fishing Co.'s Game Fish 7Ten does just that.  Fully machined and sealed, this large arbor reel will hold up to any task you throw its way.  The smooth drag has plenty of stopping power and is great for great for 8 - 10 weight single hand fly rods (heck, we've even put em on a 7)  and ideal for 6 - 7 weight double hand rods as well!  Handsomely finished with red accents you'll wonder why you have not picked up one of these reels sooner.


Please find below the instructions for changing the retrieve on the 7Ten and 6Nine reels:

1) Take off the spool by turning the spool knob on the front of the spool counterclockwise (you don’t need to unscrew it all the way, just enough to remove the spool from the frame)

2) Take a pointed tool (like a bobbin or toothpick) and remove the black mesh screen from the top of the red cone shaped piece

3) Looking into the cone, you will see a screw. Remove the screw, and remove the red cone from the frame

4) When you look into the drag compartment from the base of the cone, remove the black rubber seal by putting flat head screw driver under it and gently lifting 

5) Remove the first single directional bearing, flip it, then replace the black rubber seal

6) Place cone back onto the frame

7) Replace the screw at the top of the cone

8) Replace the black mesh screen (mesh side facing outwards and flat side towards the inside of the cone

9) Put spool back on securely. 

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