NIRVANA Elastic Band Tippet Feeder (6 pack)

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Comes with 6 colors for color coordinating your different tippet or line. This elastic band tippet feeder works excellent for tippet spools for trouble-free easy use.

These color coded little bands they work excellent in keeping your tippet (or line) tidy and on most spools and ready to easily pull out more when needed with no unraveling or catching. Finding the end of your tippet (or line) and keeping it from unraveling or tangling is no longer a problem with these installed. 

To install the band to your tippet or line spool, simply thread the tippet through the colored grommet and stretch the band over the spool and into the grove that holds the tippet.

To dispense the tippet (or line) simply pull the end of the tippet and the band will rotate around the spool feeding out the tippet out to the needed length. Cut the line leaving about an inch of tippet sticking out of the colored grommet so it will be easy to find the end of your tippet next time you need it.

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