Nirvana Small Silicone Waterproof Fly Box w/ Artwork By Anthony Naples

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The introduction of silicon into fly boxes created a more durable insert than traditional foam.  The silicone will hold your flies better because it doesn't wear out so fast.  We wanted to bring a stylish box with tons of function.  In doing so we had special artwork made to help make these boxes more unique, and stylish while adding the functionality of the silicone. 

The artwork for this box was done by Anthony Naples

Deep Fly Box
The depth on this box helps save your flies from being matted and flattened hackle due to the highly slim profile.  Our smaller box here also comes with a detachable lanyard to maximize simplicity and ease of use if desired.

Waterproof Seal
This box is fully sealed and has a latch to latch it closed creating a great waterproof box.  This will save your flies from becoming wet when dunked, or during a rain storm.  This mini pocket size box can hold up to 48 flies.


  • 4"H x 2.84"W x .84"D
  • Weight 3oz
  • Silicone Triangle Insert
  • Waterproof Latching Lid



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