Metz #1 Hen Neck

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Metz #1 Hen Necks

Perfect for very small soft hackles all the way up to large soft hackles! METZ has been producing genetic hackle for a long time, and the #1 Hen Necks offer some of the highest quality feathers on the market for your favorite Soft Hackle Patterns, as well as Catskills style dry fly wings.  The wide variety of sizes and styles from soft hackles, small streamers, wet flies, salt water hackle, and bass flies make them highly versatile and valuable to have.  The have strong thin quills that wrap with ease, without breaking causing frustration.  The Barbules have a nice sheen, webby creating life like movement, and uniform length for consistency.  They are last but not least a great option for tails and throats on your favorite nymph patterns as well.  See why so many anglers have been tying with METZ hackle for years, and continue to come back.  

The Furnace Color is a Badger like hackle that is perfect for tying your favorite spiders, like the classic Greenwell's Spider.  We love how the black center gives depth to the fly, and adds more life.


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