Magpie Wild Barred Turkey Biot Quills

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Magpie Materials Premium Wild Turkey Biots are harvested from wild birds. The individual biots are long and supple, never brittle like from the big companies.

Each pack comes with at least two full strips: one right side, one left side, ensuring the tyer gets the proper biots for the job. Available in 6 premium colors: Green Drake, Olive Dun, Grey Drake, Rusty Spinner, PMD, Brown Drake. These premium biots are perfect for creating a strong segmented body. Natural barring on wild turkey biots creates an exquisite black line and natural variegation when wrapped with the notch side of the biot showing. 

Biots are the perfect choice for a natural Segmented look on your favorite fly.  These biots can be tied ridge up, as well as ridge down, or overlapped for a quill bodied effect. 

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