Loon: UV Wader Repair On Stream Wader Repair, .5oz


Sale price$8.50


Award winning wader patch dries onstream in seconds! Activated by UV light. Carry in your vest, back to fishing fast.


Leland on Loon UV Wader Repair The old adage "Roof only leaks when it rains" might be applied to flyfishing, as well in "waders only leak when you wade". Loon UV Wader Repair can repair your waders, rain gear, sh'es or other equipment out in the field in seconds, when you need them most. This amazing, flexible polymer, when exposed to a few seconds of sunlight, dries to a non tacky finish, so you can get on with your outdoor activities in comfort. Loon UV Wader Repair is a must for your wader repair kit when traveling for the day, fishing overnight or for a month. Small 1/2 ounce plastic applicator tube stows and g'es anywhere. Apply Loon UV to a tear or puncture in the shade, and it dries to a flexible, yet firm finish when you step out into the sun. Don't go unprepared as your waders are always going to suffer wear and tear in the field. Keep on fishing!

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