Leland Reel Co. Vintage New Zealand Brown Trout Fly Reel 5/6wt

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A stately reel Zane Grey would have seen fit to use, this machined beauty is a relic from the Golden Age of trout fishing.

Vintage Fly Reel fly fishing

As classic a trout fly reel as you'll ever find...

On the wide rivers of the South Island, and the glacial lakes of the North, fishing large dries to huge browns is a fine art with a long history. From the 1860s, New Zealand's trout fishing has been a legendary pursuit and a rich tradition, one to which the New Zealand Brown Trout reel responds with its design and name.

Our Leland Vintage New Zealand Brown Trout fly reel celebrates this wonderful tradition, where proven function meets with classic design. Our fully machined, anodized Vintage trout reel lacks the latest uber-performance sealed drag and large arbor to say the least, but it still works and with a nod to your Grandfather. It has a simple click and pawl drag system that keeps your fly line from over-running during a fish fight, but it still works just fine.

Those who choose to fish with this fly reel are in the camp of stalkers and bow-hunters, who rely more on their skills than their gear. Just about anyone can pull the trigger on a big gun at three hundred yards and drop a trophy, but who can sneak up on the same trophy with a stick and bow and get the job done? Not many.

The few that can, will enjoy a fly reel like our Vintage New Zealand Brown Trout. It makes the experience that much better and sure looks good mounted to your favorite trout fly rod.


    • Weight: 5.8 oz.

    • Spool Width: .60"

    • Spool Diameter: 3.0"

    • Frame Diameter: 3.5"

    • Appropriate for line sizes 4 to 6

    • Traditional aesthetic

    • Fully machined from solid, bar-stock aluminum

    • Teflon anodized

    • Standard arbor for plenty of capacity

    • Tall, narrow geometry for quick line pick-up

    • Time-honored click-pawl drag

    • Easy left-to-right retrieve conversion

    • Solid brass components

    • Agatine handle

    • Brass-zippered, padded leather case

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