Leland Reel Co. Vintage British Columbia Steelhead Spey Reel 7-9wt

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Classic in design, but crafted with contemporary materials, our Vintage Steelhead Spey reel is awaiting your favorite two-hander.

Leland Reel Co. Vintage Steelhead Spey Reel

Classic in design, but crafted with contemporary materials.

Leland Reel Co. Vintage Steelhead Spey Reel is classic in design and crafted from contemporary materials, using the best industry processes...our Vintage Steelhead Spey reel is ready for a new home on your cherished two-hander.

When it comes to chasing steelhead with a Spey rod, there's an interesting marriage between functional performance and vintage cosmetics, as it relates to the gear we choose to fish. This fine blend of eras is celebrated in the Leland Reel Co. Vintage Steelhead Spey reel. With classic cosmetics, which speak to the great days gone by and advanced, contemporary materials, we've created a fly reel that is the best of both worlds. Now you can play the part of a classic steelheader while trusting in the function and proven performance of our quality fly reel.

Although it looks like you found it in your grandfather’s garage, don't mistake its classic appearance for yesteryear function. It's fully-machined from solid, bar-stock aluminum offering up a lifetime of hard use. It's not only anodized for improved scratch resistance, it's anodized with Teflon, making for the ultimate in a hard-coated, unique finish. All fittings are crafted from solid brass...from the reel foot to the drag knob, making for a truly classic look on your favorite rod.

Every fly reel should have a counterbalance weight opposite the reel handle to provide a smooth payout of fly line on a hard running fish. We decided to replace the ordinary counterbalance weight with an additional handle. Not only does this give our favorite Spey reel a unique look, it provides the smoothest reel “spin” we've ever encountered, as well as easy access to a handle during a hard fish fight.

Our classic click and pawl drag system is easily adjustable for either left or right hand retrieve and has a wide range of drag resistance adjustment provided by our brass drag knob located on the fly reel's frame. And, just like any true steelhead Spey reel, ours “sings” with love when your big fish heads downstream. Nothing beats the sound of a click and pawl drag system, when it's up to speed with a chrome trophy attached to the other end.

Not neglecting the finer things, we opted for a real leather pouch for proper storage. Our fine leather case is adorned with solid brass zipper and embossed with our Leland logo and model, making for a proud resting place for your favorite Spey reel when not in use.

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