Leland Reel Co. Sonoma Bass Fly Reel 7-8wt

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This reel is just right when it is time to head out and catch a few bass.

With just the right dimensions, the Leland Sonoma Bass Fly Reel provides capacity for the large-diameter fly lines necessary to positively direct the bulky bass hair bugs that make bass fly fishing so exciting and fun. With an oversized zebrawood handle and an exposed palming reel, the Sonoma Bass Fly Reel puts the ability to horse powerful bass from cover right at your fingertips. Of course, this quality fly reel is fully-machined from solid bar-stock aluminum for added strength and then anodized for a long life of use.

    • Weight: 5.5 oz.

    • Spool Diameter: 3.7 in.

    • Spool Width: 1.6 in.

    • Capacity: 330 grain bass line + adequate backing

    • Arbor: Standard

    • Anodize: Type II black

    • Drag: Reversible Click-Pawl

    • Machined from a solid block of cold finished aluminum

    • Zebrawood handle

    • Includes black neoprene reel case

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