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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Leland Reel Co. Classic Spring Creek Fly Reel, 3/4

by Leland
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Designed for the lighter trout line weights, this handsome fly reel makes a perfect accompaniment to a day on a small creek.

Leland Reel Co. Classic Spring Creek Fly Reel:

Our Spring Creek is perfectly sized for those who fish with lighter three or four weight rods. As the name suggests, this fly reel was designed to enjoy life on the reed-studded banks of meandering spring creeks, where long, light leaders and small flies are carefully presented to sophisticated trout.

For this style of fly fishing, anglers need a drag with adjustable resistance that can protect the lightest of tippet, yet keep the fly reel from overrunning when a hooked trout darts for cover. While named the Spring Creek, this beautiful fly reel is at home in many other smaller fishing venues, be they Eastern brooks or Western high mountain streams.

The reel's weight balances with all makes and types of lighter fly rods, especially our Leland Rod Co. New Zealand Spring Creek fly rod. Where performance is concerned, our Classic Spring Creek pairs with any contemporary graphite fly rod. But cosmetically, the reel looks right at home when attached to a fiberglass or cane rod. When not in use, store your Leland Reel Company Spring Creek in its handsome leather reel pouch, appointed with a brass zipper. Just as the reel attests to its time in field with a subtle patina over the brass components, the pouch's leather will wear with distinction over seasons of use.

    • Weight: 4.3 oz.

    • Spool Diameter: 2.7 in.

    • Spool Width: 0.7 in.

    • Capacity: WF3F 75 yds. 20# ; WF4F 60 yds. 20#

Click here for video on switching the reel retrieve from left hand reel retrieve to right hand reel retrieve >>