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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Leland Reel Co. Classic Drift Fly Reel, 7/8

by Leland
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Original price $325.00
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Original price $325.00
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Current price $229.99

This fly reel makes use of time-honored click-pawl technology and classic wagon wheel porting. Perfect for steelheading.

Leland Reel Co. Classic Drift Fly Reel:

Remember a time when fishing for steelhead and Atlantic salmon was done with a single hand fly rod? Traditional click and pawl reels sang loudly when anglers were tight to a fish and things seemed simply better.

At Leland Reel Company, we want to offer this experience to angers once again. We designed our Classic Drift fly reel to complement the heavier weight single hand fly rods of the past and present. Whether you swing a soft hackle fly or use an indicator and nymph, this is your new favorite fly reel. With plenty of capacity to handle today's longer weight-forward floating lines and ample backing, this reel will never leave you in the lurch.

Cosmetically, our Classic Drift would look right at home on any heirloom fiberglass or bamboo fly rod, but due to its honest features, is perfectly compatible with today's graphite fly rods. If you fish lighter switch or Spey rods, this reel is a find. It's traditional enough to pair up with a lightweight two-hander and provides all the capacity and function today's angler requires when chasing larger fish.

Not to be overlooked are all the little details like the brass components, including reel foot and counter balance weight, our type III anodizing (providing amazing wear resistance) and our padded leather reel pouch with brass zipper for storage when your day of fishing ends. Designed to form a patina over time, the brass hardware on the Classic Drift will speak to the good times you and your reel have shared together.

    • Weight: 6.0 oz.

    • Spool Diameter: 3.4 in.

    • Spool Width: 0.7 in.

  • Capacity: WF7F 140 yds. 20# ; WF8F 120 yds. 20#


Click here for video on switching the reel retrieve from left hand reel retrieve to right hand reel retrieve >>