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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Leland Instructor's - Custom Fly Line, 5wt - White

by Leland
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This Fly Line will change your fishing forever.


Leland Instructor's Trout Fly Line, 5wt

The unique way we deliver our lure (the fly) is the defining attribute of the sport of fly fishing. Although we call this fly casting, the truth is...we are not at all casting the fly. Instead, we are casting the fly line. To many, a fly line is just a necessary component to go fly fishing. To us at Leland, we believe the fly line should be the focal point, as we use it to deliver our fly, mend our drift and land our fish. You bet the right fly line is important.

Over the years, we've sold them all. You name a fly line brand and series and we've probably carried it at some point. Most big brand fly lines entice your interest with performance and technology, promising longer, higher-line speed casts. If your sole focus is distance, maybe a performance fly line is right for you. But, if you actually might be interested in our offering, the Leland Instructor's Custom Fly Line.


Our goals, when designing this fly line, were efficiency and control. Our efficient fly line profile better transfers your casting energy down the fly line and into the leader, allowing you to cast with far less power and still get the desired results. Our unique profile is certainly part of the secret. The other part is our supple fly line. It forms smoother, more-efficient loops than a contemporary, hard-coated fly line. On the water, this softer fly line is less affected by micro currents...meaning, less mending for you.

It gets better. Our shorter weight forward section makes casting even easier. You only need to control and cast the head. Include the leader and your rod length, and the resulting cast is always forty feet. As any seasoned trout angler knows, forty feet is the magic trout mark for casting. No longer are you required to hold some 47 feet of fly line head in the air before you can efficiently shoot the line. With our  fly line, you'll have easy access to the running line for effortless distance, should you need it.


The white fly line head allows you to easily see your loops when practicing on grass and at the same time blends in with the sky when wary trout are looking up from below  (Remember, most all predators have a white bottom/belly to be less likely been seen from below by prey).  We even worked hard to minimize our fly lines two welded loops which mean no more clunky casts and you still get super easy rigging too.

While developing this fly line, we learned a thing or two we didn't expect. Not only is the fly line perfect for anyone just getting into fly fishing for trout, it's a master angler's line as well. We also learned that a truly efficient line works for all angling techniques. Whether dry fly, nymph or streamer fishing, we learned it's not necessary for a technique-specific fly line profile. All you need is an efficiently designed fly line that loves to transfer energy down the fly line.  As the mass of the fly or rig increases, all you need to do is increase the line mass...don't change the profile of the line.


Whether you are teaching someone the art of fly casting or working on your own this 5 weight line is the right choice for you.