Leland Rod Co. Trout Landing Net


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If you're looking for the best all-purpose trout landing net, you just found it.


The Leland Fly Fishing Landing Net Saves Fish...

The Leland Landing Net is the perfect size to land just about any trout. From the fabled waters of New Zealand to the "known" waters of the western states, this net won't let you down. Hand-crafted from highly figured wood then clear varnished for a long life, this is one worthy trout net.

Unlike the old green nylon netting material used on yesteryear nets, the UV-resistant, soft-rubber netting of the Leland net will keep your trout's skin soft and safe from dangerous scratches. Added benefits: your fly hooks won't get stuck in the netting and you can take clean underwater shots of your earned fish, as the netting material practically disappears.

We've also included a very handy, heavy-duty, elastic lanyard, so you can release your net while landing your trophy and never worry about losing your net to the river. Just use the included carabiner to attach to your vest, pack or wader belt. Our magnetic connection ensures a solid bite between net handle and carabiner while not in use. You're going to wonder how you ever got along without our Leland Landing Net.

  • 24" Total Length

  • 15" x 10" Bow

  • 10" Deep


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