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Your New Best Friend for Making Dubbing Loops

Hairline Material Clamp Set is designed for quick easy preparation and handling of materials for your dubbing and composite loop techniques.  It’s design is a mix between the ever popular Swiss CDC Clamp and the Loon D Loop Tweezer tool, allowing for ease and control.  Each one comes in sets of two clamps, and in three different sizes Small (1in long), Medium (1.5in long), and large (2in long). The different sizes allow you to get a tool that fits your exact technique, and material.

Hareline Material Clamp Tool Set

Hareline Material Clamp
Hareline Material Clamp
Hareline material clamp hair and cdc loop technique
Hareline Material Clamp CDC
Hareline Material Clamp Grip
Hareline Material Clamp Hackle Fibers

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