9-Pack Leland New Zealand Leader 12' 4x. The best leader ever!

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Easily the best, all-around trout leader we've ever cast! 9-Pack.


The right tapered leader is more important than you think...

Like most trout fly fishers, you probably loop on any brand name 9 foot, 5X tapered leader and head out for a day of fishing. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but what if there was something better? What if there was a correctly-tapered leader that was so efficient at transferring energy, it made casting even easier? What if this same leader, with its softer material, formed a better loop and was less affected by a stream's micro currents, reducing the need to mend your line? There is such a leader and we designed it.

Our Leland New Zealand Trout Leader is admittedly counter-intuitive to what you've probably read in the latest fly fishing magazine, where you were informed a shorter, harder-finished leader is necessary to “kick over” your fly with authority. Remember, fly fishing is a game of intimacy and control, where landing your fly accurately with a subtle presentation is the key to enjoyment and success. Our 12 foot leader will present your fly on the water like a feather and fish better than any leader you've ever cast.

Ok, now's the time when you say, “But what about casting in the wind? What about fishing smaller streams? What about casting larger flies? This longer leader just won't work!” Then we say, “Yeah, that's what we thought too...but we were wrong and so are you.” A longer leader is the secret to the perfect cast. It's extra length and mass helps to stabilize the leading loop of your fly line, allowing for a more efficient loop shape and most importantly, a better transfer of casting energy through the line, through the leader and to the fly. The result of casting with a longer, correctly-tapered leader (ironically) is that it's easier than casting with a shorter leader...and that's the truth.

Not only does our New Zealand Trout Leader cast easier, your fly is also farther from your fly line for a more stealthy approach. This same long leader also extends the natural drift of your fly, and a longer, more-natural drift will catch you more fish. And, rather than offer you a ton of leader choices, we boiled it down to just one. It's arguably the best all-around trout leader at 12 feet 4X. You can fish it straight out of the package or tie on a bit of 5X tippet, should you desire. We guarantee this will be your new favorite trout leader, so give it a try. You can thank us later.


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