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Red Truck Fiberglass Trout (5wt) Fly Rod, 3 Piece, 5710-3

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Nothing matches the pure enjoyment of casting a well-designed fiberglass fly rod, when fishing small streams for trout.


At Red Truck Fly Fishing Company we design rods that we want to fish with it.  After thousands of casts and hours on the water, we’ve put together a brand new Glass rod to our lineup.

Introducing the Red Truck Fiberglass Trout Fly Rod for everything TROUT…in fiberglass.  Cast those streamers and hopper-dropper rigs with ease and confidence while enjoying the finesse of “Glass”.

The Fiberglass Fly Rod:
While fiberglass is hardly a new material; we have improved traditional fiberglass by reducing weight and designing a versatile action.

  • The soft tip acts as a shock absorber protecting the lightest of tippets.
  • Fiberglass is incredibly durable making it the ultimate boulder hopping rod.
  • The versatility of this rod is truly incredible. The soft tip allows for delicate presentations on spring creeks; while the powerful butt of the rod will effortlessly cast large hopper dropper rigs even when the wind picks up.
  • The ergonomic grip feels great and increases casting efficiency.
    You can’t help but smile when fighting on this rod.
  • Handcrafted and finished with the best components money can buy this rod looks and feels amazing in hand.

Recommended Reel:
A perfect match for the Red Truck Fiberglass fly rod is our Red Truck Diesel 5/6 Fly Reel. Taking notes from the reels our grandfathers used this reel is durable, simple, and elegant. The click and pawl drag system provides perfect amount of tension to protect light tippet and fight fish.

  • Machined from solid bar stock aluminum this reel will be appreciated for generations to come.
  • Whether you are pulling off line or hooked up on a fish this reel screams fly fishing.
Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 92 × 10 × 10 cm

1 review for Red Truck Fiberglass Trout (5wt) Fly Rod, 3 Piece, 5710-3

  1. Phil

    I grew up fishing with glass fly rods and recently purchased the 5710 Red Truck. This is an amazing little trout rod that will put some fun back in your trout fishing. If your coming form the 9’ 5wt. Standard trout rod, the transition should be seamless, just slow down your casting stroke and let the rod do the work. I found that this rod will handle 5 wt floating lines and 6 wt, full sinking lines. Great addition to the Red Truck family of rods!

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