Florida Keys Bonefish Fly Rod 890-4 9' 8wt

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When quick, accurate casts are the requirement for success, you'll want our Florida Keys Bonefish fly rod.

Bonefish Fly Rod:

    • Line Size: 8
    • Length: 9 feet
    • Sections: 4
    • Blank color: Blue
    • Reel Seat: Uplocking, anodized aluminum
    • Guides: Hard-chromed steel
    • Handle: Proprietary Leland Grip
    • Action: Adaptive, Fast

Walking slowly on a white sandy flat you are completely alert and looking for any sign of movement! You spot three shadows at 1 o’clock moving toward you. You begin casting with the wind blowing right into your face. Three quick false cast until you deliver the fly subtle delivery 5 feet in front on the fish. You wait for your fly sink. Just as you begin to strip the largest of the group darts to your fly and eats. You strip set and the fish begins to pull of line at an alarming rate. Bonefish on!

The near invisible bonefish has a nasty habit of appearing out of nowhere. Whether a short or far cast, distance must be quickly judged and a controlled and accurate cast must be made.

Good thing we designed our Florida Keys Bonefish fly rod for just this reason. Our fly rod has the unique ability to comfortably load at nearly all casting distances, allowing you to confidently rely on the fact that you can make the shot.

Our Bonefish fly rod is balanced, stable and above all efficient at transferring energy from your casting stroke into the fly line. Of course this rod is well-equipped with saltwater safe components and the best available cork.

It's also handsomely finished with attention to detail not often seen in fly rods these days.

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