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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Sierra Nevada Backpacker Fly Rod 476-5 7' 6" 4wt

by Leland
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This 5-piece "gem" of a fly rod is perfectly packable, allowing you to bring accurate casts into the back country.

Leland Rod Co - Sierra Nevada, Graphite, 5 Piece Back Pack, Fly Rod:

Bring accurate casts into the back country!

In a world of “do it all” trout fly rods, the Sierra Nevada Backpacker is anything but all-around. This wonderful, little fly rod was designed to specifically fish the small trout streams found in the back country of our mountains. Here, rain and snow run off haven't had the chance to form larger waters. Instead, intimate creeks and brooks, filled with clear water and wild trout, are your canvas to paint with your fly line.

In this setting, shorter, accurate casts are the requirement, and back cast room is typically at a premium. It's the perfect home for our Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada Backpacker. At 7'6” in length, you can “bushwhack” through tough cover to reach the secret hole and when you get there, make a spot on cast with limited casting room. As a four weight, this rod can still cast the fun flies, like Humpies and late season hoppers to willing trout...even with the mountain winds pick up.

Designed to stow easily in a rucksack, our five-piece rod is anything but inconvenient to travel with. It's of course appointed with all the goodies, like the best cork available. It has a traditional darkened-nickel silver slide-band reel seat crafted around a cut of cork impregnated Cocobolo wood. The agate stripping guide is not to be overlooked, as is our uniquely shaped and incredibly comfortable cork grip.

When you cast our Sierra Nevada Backpacker fly rod, with it's crisp adaptive action, you'll understand why this fly rod deserves to exist...and when you cast this rod on your favorite back country trout stream, you'll really understand.