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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

6wt Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS Fiberglass Fly Rod w/case (new model)

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Orange 6wt 8ft 2in 4 piece Rod

Rod weighs 4.4 ounces 

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Why Our Glass Rods?

An Old Glass Feel with a Modern Twist
Our NEW Lunar Series of S-Glass rods have been designed to have an old glass feel but lighter weight with a bit faster action, we have been able to do this with today’s new age advanced fiberglass materials and the expertise of our rod designer.

Fast Recovering Tip
One thing we don’t like in many glass rods is an overly soft tip that robs your casting energy, and give you arm fatigue. We designed the Lunar rods to have a fast recovering tip that eliminates over oscillation so the rod’s casting energy goes straight into your line without the wobble.

Progressive Taper with Reserved Power
The progressive action allows you to make smooth accurate short to medium casts but it also has a lot of reserved power to bomb the line out there when needed.

Excellent Roll Casts
The Lunar rods with their deep rod flex are also excellent at performing accurate roll casts.

Great Hook Sets
The Lunar S-Glass rods are also stiff enough to give you a great hook set and has enough backbone to fight fish effectively but elastic enough to bend all the way into the handle if needed.

Compact 4 Piece Rods
All the Lunar rods are a 4 piece which compacts down great for traveling and backpacking.

Several Sizes to Choose From
The Lunar rods are available in sizes 2wt, 3wt, 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, and 8wt giving you many options to fit your wants and needs. Each size will be a different color:

  • 8wt – 8ft 6in light blue
  • 7wt – 8ft 6in maroon
  • 6wt- 8ft 2in orange
  • 5wt – 8ft blue
  • 4wt – 7ft 6in red
  • 3wt – 6ft 8in light brown
  • 2wt – 6ft 6in green

Bold But Classy
These rods are bold colors like the glass rods people have loved with a nicely done white accent near the handle. The finish and classy wraps are about as good as it gets from a factory produced rod, we paid attention to the details. This is not just a rod that will love to use but a rod that well stand out visually.

Lifetime Warranty
One thing we do differently in the glass world is offer an easy lifetime warranty. Instead of making you ship your rod into us for repairs, for a $45 warranty fee we send the replacement parts right to you, so you are back to fishing faster.

Back by a Great Brand, MOONLIT Fly Fishing
You have probably seen our brand around social media quite a bit, we have a large following of customers that love to use our products. We are well know for the BEST performing furled leaders on the market and excellent customer service, as well as a great offering of quality barbless hooks loved by many pro fly tyers. We will stand behind this new series of fiberglass fly rods just like we do all of our products and we think you will love this rod series.

Heavily Tested & Approved by Many Fly Anglers
Our prototype rods have been heavily tested by our great ambassadors in all kinds of water and all kinds of fish. The Lunar rods have also traveled abroad several times to Belize, Alaska and more. They have been tested by people who have lots of experience fishing fiberglass and also those who, up till now, mostly fished graphite rods. All the feedback has praised these rods for their performance and enjoyment in all the experiences and situations. 

We have also taken them to many fly fishing expos and let potential customers and fly fishing experts test them out and received excellent feedback about how they cast and look.

Some Reviews:

Travis Jones
“I’ve been fly fishing now for more than 30 years, and guiding for over 10.  During that time I’ve owned rods that ranged anywhere from a couple hundred dollars all the way up to the thousand dollar rigs. When I wad asked to test out the Lunar glass rods by Moonlit I was eager to see what this glass rod could do. This rod surprised me from the moment I laid my hands on it.  Not only a beauty to look at, but it recovers quickly, is super forgiving, and is extremely accurate. This rod handle anything and anyone I put on it.  In my role as a fly fishing guide I get lots of brand new or fairly new fly fisherman and woman who want to learn more about the sport.  I have no problem putting one of these rods in their hands.  The load of the rod as it casts is easy to feel and I watched as it changed beginning anglers into intermediate with abilities to hit some casts even advanced anglers have trouble making.  I watched anglers who were struggling to make 25 foot casts with their expensive graphite rod, make 75+ foot casts with the 3wt Lunar during practice sessions.  The change was that they could feel the rhythm of the cast with the Lunar.  With the range of glass rods available from 2wt to 8wt, the rod is capable of handing anything you want to throw with it to. From delicate dry fly presentations to hefty, meaty streamers it can handle them all.  I can’t wait for these rods to hit the market because I know I’ll have a couple in my bag of tricks.”

Paul Shurtleff 
“The old days of heavy, flimsy fiberglass fly rods are a thing of the past with a warm welcome of the new Lunar Glass fly rods by Moonlit Fly Fishing. These new fly rods are a stunning addition to the already fabulous lineup of quality Moonlit Fly Fishing products. The 5wt Lunar Glass fly rod I used is a smooth casting, lightweight fly rod that presented delicate dry flies accurately. It’s distinctive white badging gives it a nice retro effect which reminds the user of its tradition. It has enough power for longer casts yet is more forgiving than faster graphite rods and it can handle large fish just as easily. The action of the Lunar Glass rod is fast for a fiberglass rod but soft enough to protect fine tippets. It’s cast loading/shooting is very predictable which inspires casting confidence. The performance of the 5wt Lunar Glass rod is only matched by its beautiful blue color, which almost glows in the sunlight.”

Chris Cheney
“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the opportunity to check out the Lunar rods. These rods are truly amazing. My first chance to use one was fishing with a great friend in Colorado, where after using a couple of our other rods that morning, I was able to get my hands on the Lunar 5wt. The fact is that my skill level puts me in the novice category and my back cast in particular, could use some help. The feel of this Lunar rod was very different from any other I had used and it very quickly became a lot of fun to cast and fight fish on. The action when fighting fish felt great and the bend in the rod made for some great moments on the river. Where I really enjoyed exploring these rods was at the Fly Fishing Rendezvous in Denver, when you graciously invited me to try some casting. I ended up casting the 2wt, 3wt, 4wt and 6wt and they were all amazing. I have to admit that I absolutely love the 2wt rod in particular. What I noticed right away with all of the Lunar rods is that my back cast began to slow down as I used these rods. It seemed to help me to slow down in a way that made my casts more accurate. This didn’t seem forced, or as if I was fighting the rod at all. Instead, it felt easier and more natural than what I have experienced with other rods. It really was relaxing and smooth, taking less effort to get a good back cast producing accurate long casts over and over was the result. It felt really good to be casting that well. What I can say is that I believe you have created an amazing product that I am very excited to have another opportunity to use. The Lunar rods are simply amazing and something that any fly fishing fanatic should take a good look at.”

Jeremy Peace (Aka Gemstatefisherman)
“I had the opportunity to take the Moonlit Lunar 8wt and 7wt  out for a test drive this year late winter.  It was a very windy day on the water blowing like crazy making the river run in reverse was single digit temperatures that day.  So as you could imagine it was less than favorable conditions but still pursued and proceeded to fish the lunar which impressed me right away was able to launch smaller streamers 2.5″ into head winds 50+ feet without much effort in the unrelenting wind.  I was very surprised at how well it threw the line.  First fish was a healthy 23” rainbow that had some shoulders and pulled like a train. The rod felt great you could really feel it working for you helping keep the thrashing head under control helping keep that hook set. Went awhile without touching another fish so switched up to a bigger heavier streamer to drop it further down the water column had to fish slow and the fish were not striking like they were earlier it went to a very subtle take, this is where the rod surprised me the most, that very subtle grab I felt just the lightest nic/bump and that rod translated that to my hands very well very sensitive. “

Clark Janke
“The lunar S glass rod is fantastic!!! I got to fish the red 4wt rod and cast very smooth. What I love about this rod is that you have the touch and flexibility of a glass rod but it feels like it has a little bit of fast action to it. Because if this I found I could cast long distances and land the fly very softly. I just love the feel of this rod. It’s an amazing glass rod! Amazing work Moonlit Fly Fishing!”

Mike Carlson (from Pioneer Anglers in Alpine Wyoming)
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