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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
Midnight Sculpin Streamer

Rust Midnight Sculpin Streamer Pattern

This is a pattern we've worked on with Moonlit Fly Fishing.  There are many Sculpin patterns out there using pine squirrel or rabbit zonkers to tie the tail and body.  This works awesome, but it doesn't allow you to get a lighter underbelly to your fly. Sculpins have a lighter underbelly than the top side.  To achieve this we incorporated a complex twist with Hen Saddle on our Micro sizes, or 
Schlappen Feathers for larger sizes twisted with medium polar chenille in a copper color or brown uv to give a lighter undertone.  We've found this pattern to be extremely effective, and has produced fish in our large river systems to small creek tributaries.  Simply tie the size to match your needs.  This pattern could also be done in an articulated style with a shank used as well.  The Helmet helps get the fly down to the bottom quickly, fly ride hook point up, and bounce up and down off the bottom.  The body of the fly will give it the action and motion needed to trigger fish strikes.  We fish this on a traditional cross swing, up stream dead drift with slight pulses, and 45 to 45 swing.  Change the color to meet the Sculpins in your water systems, and what works best for you.  There are tons of opportunities to make this pattern in different colors and sizes.


Materials List:

Hook: Dohiku Streamer Sz 8
Helmet: Mini Sculpin Helmet Sz Mini
Thread: Semperfli 6/0 Classic Waxed Black
Tail: Whiting Brown Chickbou/Rust Pine Squirrel
Body: Medium Copper Polar Chenille/Whiting Brown
Variant Hen Saddle
Collar: Whiting Brown Variant Hen Saddle/ Natural
Pine Squirrel


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