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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
How To Choose The Best Color Polarized Lens For Fly Fishing

How To Choose The Best Color Polarized Lens For Fly Fishing

This subject matter is one often asked and debated amongst other anglers.  Although this is left to personal perception and ones personal experience we believe that it is helpful to have some facts to assist in making this decision.  If you have never fished with a good set of polarized lenses it will be as if your eyes are opened for the first time.  If you have worn polarized lenses before but not had the right one, it will be like the stream is finally in focus.  Being able to see what is in the water is important to your success, and just as important sometimes your safety.  Although there are many options as far as color go, choosing the right one can very easily make the difference between a phenomenal days fishing to an average days fishing.  Here we are going to go through some of the different colored lenses, and where they perform best. 


Green Colored Lens

A Green  lens can do what gray and brown lenses can do, but with better clarity of color and vision! This means sunglasses with a green lens will provide a better contrast then a grey lens, and transmit color with greater accuracy than a brown lens.  This makes it ideal for both sunny and low light conditioned environments.   A green lenses has a way of reducing glare while brightening shadows. This makes it Perfect for the sport of Fly Fishing where these lenses protect and give comfort to your eyes on bright sunny days, to rainy cloudy situations from glaring light to low light conditions.

  • Perfect for Fly Fishing, in rain or shine
  • Transmits all colors with precision and accuracy
  • Adds depth to things in the water
  • Good for general purpose use
  • Dims glare while brightening shadows

 Grey Colored Lens

Grey lenses are an extremely popular choice because they help in both bright sunny, and low light cloudy situations.  They provide anti-fatigue benefits with high protection from glare coming off of water. They also allow for the color of objects to be transmitted and seen in their most natural and pure color spectrum. This makes them perfect for the Fly Fishing enthusiast who spends a lot of time on the water with a lot of glare, and definition of color seen in the water.

  • These lenses will work as a general all purpose colored lens with
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Provides great overall protection
  • True color perception
  • Amazing results in both sunny and low light conditions
  • Reduce glare


Brown/Amber Colored Lens

Brown and Amber Colored lenses have a red hue to them that help improve depth perception.  Because of this it makes them a great choice for being able to place depth in the water you are fishing in.  These lenses though are not one recommended for use on cloudy low light days.  In the bright sunny conditions you will benefit greatly from this lens with heightened contrast of green landscapes and blue skies adding comfort to your eyes.  These lenses will be great for when you are on lakes, or environments with a lot of green contrast.

  • These lenses will
  • Help improve depth perception
  • Work in variable conditons
  • Enhance color contrast
  • Great for Fly Fishing


Blue Colored Lens

A blue or purple lens is a great choice for UV protection.  Your blue lens is going to enhance the definition around objects, and improve color definition and perception while helping to have a calming effect on your eyes.  You wear a blue lens to help reduce glare from snow and the water.  This will allow your eyes to relax and remain focused. 

  • These lenses will
  • Help reduce glare
  • Helps to see contours and object definition
  • Improve ones perception of color 
  • They perform high in mist, foggy, low light, snowy conditions adding comfor tto the eyes


Red Colored Lens

A red lens is going to ad comfort to your eyes and help them adjust to differing contrast.  This is why they are popular amongst skiers and snowboarders, as the aid in adding depth to the field of vision and enhanced visibility.  Give your eyes a break during the winter months with a rose colored lens.

These lenses will

  • Help reduce eye strain
  • Enhance Visibility
  • Aid in adjusting to differing contrast
  • Help in comforting the eyes
  • Reduce Eye Fatigue
  • Enhance  your visual depth
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Performs well in a variety of weather conditions especially snow

Yellow Colored Lens

The yellow lens is popular amongst many outdoor enthusiast who have a need to focus their eyes on moving object, or in low light conditions.  The yellow lens will provide the user with a greater sense of clarity in lower light conditions.  Because of the lighting on these lenses you will have less strain on your eyes focusing on objects in the lower light, as it brings a more clear picture to your eyes.  Add comfort to your eyes in these low light situations.

These lenses will

  • Provide greater clarity in low light conditions
  • May cause color distortion


Sunglasses We Use and Recommend

We Enjoy using the Loop Sunglasses, as they were designed by a fly fishing company focused on making the perfect pair of glasses for fly fishing.  When you buy these lenses you will know without a doubt they have been field tested by some of the best anglers in the world, and designed to meet the specifications needed by a fly angler.  They have two differing models with several lens choices to choose from.  The model is up to you and your preference, but they are are similar.  They fit comfortably and will make it so you don't have bright spots on the corners of the lenses, and this aids in the already comfortable fitting of these glasses.  We will outline which ones we recommend and why for your personal conditions and situation.  Because LOOP understands the importance of seeing fish in their natural environment they designed these glasses to aid in just that.  For the price you won't find a better pair of sunglasses that will out perform them as well.


 LOOP Green/Copper Lens

The Copper/Green colored lenses are a great optic solution for a range of light conditions. These lenses are very effective in medium to strong light and are a firm favorite with river and Stillwater fly fishers as they enhance distinct contrast without noticeable color distortion.  These are bronze lens with a green mirror lens.  This will give you an upgrade of both the green lens, and brown lens and create the most incredible definition and color clarity in a wide array of lighting conditions. 


LOOP Grey/Blue Lens

TheGrey/Blue lenses are excellent at maintaining true color definition through the polarizing filter. These lenses are very effective in bright sunlight conditions and also prevent the wearer suffering eye strain and fatigue in intense reflective light conditions on flats, rivers and lakes. This is done with blue and grey mirrored lens.  This combines both benefits of these two lenses.



LOOP Copper/Flash

Copper/Flash: Copper colored lenses are a great all round solution for a range of light conditions. Like the Copper/Green lenses, they are highly effective in medium to strong light conditions. A firm favorite with river and Stillwater fly fishers as they enhance contrast without noticeable color distortion.


LOOP Yellow Lens

The Yellow lenses are highly effective at increasing contrast as well as depth perception. Excellent for low light conditions at dawn and dusk and also during dark, overcast fishing days. Very good general purpose lens color for a cross-section of lighting conditions.

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