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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

The Dean River – Nakia Lodge

The Dean River Fishing:
It is widely accepted that the Dean is home to the hottest summer steelhead in the world. This due to many factors including the force of the river itself, relatively warm water temperatures, and the exceptional brightness or freshness of the average fish. From June through September, fresh fish enter the system daily. Peak season is considered to include the months of July and August, and anglers fishing at Nakia Lodge during that time can be assured that they will fishing over the freshest fish possible, for at no time will they ever be more than 5 miles from the salt. Nakia Lodge fishes the lower river in a guided context (four anglers in a single jet boat being dropped at various holes) and the upper river is fished in an un-guided context with ATV’s used for access. Typically anglers will spend half their time on the upper river and half their time on the lower river. While dry line and dry fly fishing can be excellent, most anglers fish with sinking tips and shooting heads. Dean fish are known for their willingness to move to a fly and range from 8 to 25 pounds, with the average fish typically weighing in around 10-12 pounds.

The Dean River Travel:
To get to Nakia Lodge, anglers will need to fly into Campbell River and overnight. Lodge owner Adam Tavender will oversee your accommodation in Campbell River as well as your flights from there into and out of the lodge.

The Dean River Documentation:
A valid US passport or original birth certificate is required for entry into Canada!

The Dean River Accommodation and Meals:
Nakia Lodge is located in the woods on the right bank of the lower river and has four simple guest cabins. Anglers sleep either two or four per cabin and there is a large community cabin with a fireplace, common shower, tying room and a comfortable sitting area for sharing drinks and stories. In the morning and evenings the guests gather in the main lodge for meals. Breakfast is served at about 5 AM and the mid day meal is the largest of the day and often followed by a nap. Evening fishing resumes at roughly 4 PM and extends until after 8PM with the evening meal typically being served around 10PM.

The Dean River Climate:
While the weather tends to very mild, always be prepared for cold when visiting BC. Typical day temperatures range from 50-75 degrees f. More often than not you will start the days with several layers on and be down to one light layer by mid day.

The Dean River Clothing:
While the weather is typically very mild, we still recommend that you pack the following: Warm socks, polar fleece pullover, warm hat, fishing gloves, a quality waterproof wading jacket, synthetic long underwear and fleece pants. Cotton and quick dry shirts for warm days. Bring casual attire for meals in the lodge.

Food, accommodations, guiding, wine with meals, overnight accommodations in Campbell River, and float-plane charter from Campbell River to lodge.

Not Included:
Airfare to Campbell River, gratuities (see above), hard alcohol.

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