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Esquel Outfitters

San Carlos de Bariloche Argentina is located in the western area of the Province of Rio Negro, in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Lying on the southern shore of the lake after which the park is named, Bariloche is the perfect juxtaposition between city and nature and is the heart of Argentine Patagonia. 1,640 kilometers from Buenos Aires, this tourist city has a strong hotel and restaurant infrastructure that was first developed over eight decades ago. Bariloche welcomes visitors from all over the world who enjoy its Patagonia landscapes, tourist services and the facilities of one of the main ski resorts in the country: Mount Catedral.

Bariloche is a year-round outdoor paradise. Summer adventures include fly fishing for trout, rafting, hiking, mountain biking and horse back riding adventures. In the winter, skiing is a local pastime that is gaining popularity with skiers the world over.Likewise, lake excursions across the Nahuel Huapi provide access to spots that are unique in the world, such as the myrtle forest on Victoria Island.

Esquel Outfitters Fishing Program:
In many ways the Esquel region resembles fishing in the American West fifty years ago. The city of Esquel is located in the middle of one of Patagonia’s largest volcanic craters on the eastern front of the Andes Mountains. Esquel has great services for fly fishermen and is the center of some of the best trout fishing on the planet.

This is the gateway to Argentina’s Los Alerces National Park and to the Southern Andes Mountains. The area has many creeks, lakes and rivers, all of which contain excellent numbers of trout and it’s just a short drive to incredible fly fishing on the Rio Grande, the Corcovado, the Nant Y Fall, the Rio Segilo and the Arroyo Pescado spring creek.

Esquel Outfitters Accommodation and Meals:
Esquel Outfitters utilizes diverse accommodations in all three trout fishing regions. Your accommodations – cabins,hosterias,private ranches and camping – are selected depending on size of group,character of group, length of stay, and desires. Esquel Outfitters hosts guests in several established fly fishing lodges in Argentina in the various regions, some of which we own, and others on private estancias.

One advantage of fishing with Esquel Outfitters is that if the conditions change, you can move to another location for better
fishing. When staying in Esquel, we use either Hosteria La Chacra or a Lodge on the Rio Grande. Hosteria El Trebol is used in Los Alerces National Park. We also have 2 private ranches that allow us private access to the rivers on the ranch. On the Rio Segilo you will camp for 3 or 4 nights as you float the entire length of 60 miles on the Estancia. Our camping is quite comfortable, including hot showers, camp chefs, cots with sleeping pads, sleeping bags, pillows, and chairs and tables for dining. On the Rio Gualjaina and Arroyo Pescado you will spend your evenings at our newly constructed accommodations at Estancia La Elvira. La Elvira is a 60,000 acre working estancia with over 5,000 sheep and 1,000 cattle. You will also have 14 miles of the Rio Gualjaina exclusively for your fishing enjoyment.

Your guides are also your hosts and are with you for every meal, gathering, and event for the duration of your Patagonia adventure. These unique packages offer you the opportunity to mingle with locals, explore the Argentina countryside, and immerse yourself in one of the world’s most attractive cultures. You are hard-pressed to find people who are more laid back, hospitable, beautiful, or welcoming than the Argentines!

Esquel Outfitters Water:
Bottled water is available everywhere in Argentina.

Esquel Outfitters Climate:
The summer climate of this southernmost region of South America is extremely changeable, and a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions should be expected. The sun can be very strong during the day, but the wind-chill factor makes the use of protective gear necessary all season long.

Esquel Outfitters Clothing:
It is recommended that anglers layer their clothing,enabling the adding and subtracting of garments throughout the day.Pack polar fleece jackets, thermal underwear, polar neck, wool socks and a wool cap to be prepared for the extreme. Flannel or chamois cloth shirts are ideal for the stream. A reliable windstopper/rain jacket is also recommended. Attire at the lodge is casual and laundry service is available.

Esquel Outfitters Currency:
The dollar is widely accepted in Argentina, and you can change dollars for pesos at your hotel in Buenos Aires or at any bank.When paid in dollars, most merchants will give change in pesos, a good way to get small bills for cabs, tips to porters, etc (although dollars may be used as well.) It is difficult to exchange traveler’s checks of any kind outside of Buenos Aires. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard are widely accepted and will be accepted at the lodge where they also accept payment in cash and personal check.

Esquel Outfitters Gratuities:
Gratuities are entirely based on service so it is up to your discretion. We recommend about $50 total to the guide a day and about $10 per day for the lodge staff.

Esquel Outfitters Power and Communications:
The electrical current in Argentina is 220 volts, 50 cycles,so a standard converter and European adapter for two-pronged plug is necessary for any electric appliance. If you need to plug in electrical devices including laptops, hair dryers, or electric razors, we recommend bringing two power converters in the event one burns out.

Esquel Outfitters Medical facilities:
Anglers should pack medications for such common complaints as Diarrhea, upset stomach, motion sickness, headache and irregularity,along with prescriptions. Most visitors to Argentina don’t experience stomach problems associated with other countries, but it pays to have treatment available just in case.

Accommodations with private room/bath, meals, beer, wine, alcohol, and guiding.

Not Included:
Please note that this price does not include Buenos Aires hotels, Buenos Aires transfers, personal equipment, staff and guide
gratuities, and fishing licenses.

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