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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Dragon Fly Lodge

Dragon Fly Lodge Fishing:

The Dragonfly Lodge fly fishing adventure and guide service in Patagonia, Chile caters to the expectations of both novice and experienced anglers. We offer a flexible guide service, adapting each fly fishing program on a daily bases to the prevailing conditions. The diversity of water in this fishery provides many opportunities to fish your choice of fine dries, large terrestrials, nymphs, or streamers in both still and moving water. Of course the weather and various factors will govern the choice of water and technique that will be the most successful.

Trophy size trout lurk in all the water. A few large Browns continue to “get away” and elude our sight! The fishing is based on The Picacho River which provides the only means of transportation to and from The Dragonfly Lodge during this fly-fishing adventure in Patagonia, Chile. The river is crystal clear under normal water conditions and full of exciting log, gravel, riffle, big pool and tail out structures to fish. The upper river is the nursery of the system and many young fish with the odd large predator brown trout inhabit the upper faster water. After the Rio Picacho merges with the Rio Roosevelt, the river is much larger and full of healthy large resident trout. Trophy Brown and Rainbow Trout can be found anywhere in these waters. You never know what will strike next! This is our feature river fishery and it is very close and easily accessible from the lodge. The prime sections of river can be floated and fished any time throughout the week. The delta in front of the lodge is a great place to walk and wade. Most of the fishing is done from the boat.

The confluence of the Rio Picacho and the Rio Roosevelt is a very special spot. The Rio Roosevelt crashes into the Rio Picacho over a beautiful waterfall creating a spectacular and huge fishing hole.

Dry fly fishing in the river is very exciting and is usually done with a big terrestrial. Some fine dry flies can be used to match the hatch when the bugs are active. Streamer fishing is incredible! The fish are very cannibalistic here. Passing a streamer down beside the shadow of a big log can yield a huge surprise. The Browns and Rainbows of this system are very aggressive. The resident Brown and Rainbow Trout are eager to investigate large terrestrials including beetles, spiders, mice, and anything else that may fall of a cliff! Fish are often seen stalking adult dragonflies as they cruise above the water and are eager to demonstrate their acrobatic abilities in pursuit of them. Caddis, small stoneflies mayflies and midges are all on the menu. Nymphs and streamers will clean up in most situations.

Dragonfly Lodge Accommodation and Meals:

The Dragonfly Lodge is strategically placed to give an exclusive fly-fishing adventure and guide service access to a vast, virgin watershed in remote Patagonia, Chile. It is hidden amongst sheer forest, temperate jungle, and absolute wilderness. Tracks and trails fade into greenery with the last humble huts belonging to a handful of mountain men, well before the latter part of your journey to The Dragonfly Lodge. One must take to the water and follow the green depths, clear riffles and rapids of the river as it meanders deeper into steep mountains swathed in an impenetrable green mantle.

Forged of stone, steel, glass and local timber, the lodge is an architectural masterpiece that reflects Jose and Erica Gorronos ingenuity and commitment to providing excellence. Located where no road or trail goes, the lodge is only accessible with our special boats. Nestled in the Andes Mountains, the lodge is a very comfortable and an efficient base for the weeks fly-fishing adventure. Guests will enjoy traditional Chilean and North American cuisine and fine Chilean wines. Come prepared to fly fish untouched waters, be awed by glaciers, temperate rainforests and crystal clear water in the spectacular Andean mountains in Patagonia, Chile.

Dragonfly Lodge Climate:

The summer climate of this southernmost region of South America is extremely changeable, and a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions should be expected. The sun can be very strong during the day, but the wind chill factor makes the use of protective gear necessary all season long.

Dragonfly Lodge Power and Communications:

The lodge has 220 volts and takes the rounded two prong adaptors.


All transfers to and from Balmaceda Airport, Coyhaique, Chile and the lodge; accommodations Sunday through Saturday morning; daily guided fly-fishing based on two anglers sharing one guide; five days of fly-fishing, and a fly-fishing license. All meals and liquor are included.

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