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NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal
NIRVANA Vintage Click Pawl Reels on a Sweet Deal

Bella Vista Lodge

Opened in 1995, Bella Vista Lodge is the most exclusive lodge on the Rio Gallegos, offering exciting fishing for giant sea-run trout as well as some of the finest dry fly brown trout fishing, on an intimate spring creek. A much bigger system than its sister river the Rio Grande, the Gallegos and its pools are far more varied in their character. Slow oily looking holding pools are interspersed with fast riffles and boulder strewn runs, and the gravel bottom makes wading very easy.

The Estancia owns nearly 50 kms of double bank private access fishing which is limited to a maximum of eight rods per week.Guided by one of a team of experienced guides, each pair of rods have only the the diverse wildlife of the river valley for company. The Rio Gallegos has earned a deserved reputation as being a true “Fisherman’s River”. Though most pools can be covered with a single handed rod, the Rio Gallegos is most effectively fished with double handed rods. These will also help deal with the legendary Patagonian wind! Even the most experienced angler will learn new techniques and skills that will improve his averages elsewhere. A challenging but infinitely rewarding river, the Gallegos’ list of devotees grows year after year.

Bella Vista Lodge Region and Rivers:
Bella Vista Lodge is located half way up the Rio Gallegos Valley. Which is the southern-most, large river, on the Argentine mainland in Southern Patagonia. Large sheep farming estancias share this land with herds of wild llama-like guanacos, red foxes, and condors. The total acreage of land is around 650,000 or an English county of the size of Oxfordshire.

Santa Cruz province in southern Patagonia is a bleak land similar to the open plains of Wyoming or the flow country of Northern Scotland. Barren rolling hills, stretch from the coast all the way to the “Cordillera” the mountain chain that is the terminations of the Andes and a natural border between Argentina and Chile.

Bella Vista lodge Fishing Program:
The fishing at Bella Vista comprises of two principal fisheries. The Rio Gallegos of which the Estancia has 50 km and the Gallegos Chico which is a spring creek tributary of the main river of which we fish 20 km. The brown trout of the Rio Gallegos and Gallegos Chico are extremely well documented fish, originally stocked in the late 1920’s and 30’s the fish on the main river have gone on to establish a healthy sea-run strain of large running fish, present in only a few other rivers in the world.High average sizes persist and improve year on year and the chance of a trophy sea-trout are present with every cast. The Gallegos Chico is a small charming spring creek with huge character that flows into the main river on the estancia’s eastern boundary. Abundant weed growth and rich aquatic food combine to make this one of the world’s most exceptional dry fly fisheries.

Bella Vista Lodge Climate:
The summer climate of this southernmost region of South America is extremely changeable, and a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions should be expected. The sun can be very strong during the day, but the wind chill factor makes the use of protective gear necessary all season long.

Bella Vista Lodge Clothing:
It is recommended that anglers layer their clothing,enabling the adding and subtracting of garments throughout the day.Pack polar fleece jackets, thermal underwear, polar neck, wool socks and a wool cap to be prepared for the extreme. Flannel or chamois cloth shirts and polars are ideal for the stream. A reliable windstopper/rain jacket is also recommended. Attire at the lodge is casual and laundry service is available.

Transfer Rio Gallegos airport to lodge (round-trip), dinner wines, all fishing services including guiding, fishing license where applicable.

Not Included:
Buenos Aires hotels and transfers, personal equipment, staff and guide gratuities, laundry services.

Bella Vista Lodge Travel:
To get to the Bella Vista Lodge, you will need to make reservations to and from Rio Gallegos, Argentina via Buenos Aires. You will likely need to overnight in Buenos Aires before departing on a morning flight to Rio Gallegos. A lodge representative will meet you at the Rio Gallegos airport and transport you to the lodge in a four wheel drive vehicle. Transfer from the airport to the lodge takes approximately 1.5 hours.

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