What is fly fishing?


Fly fishing is fun and easy!

Fly fishing is a “gate key.” It’s an excuse to find yourself in wonderfully beautiful places with a reason to be there. Fly fishing is a catalyst to drive down dirt roads, hike new trails and explore around a river’s bend to see what might be there.

Embraced correctly, fly fishing isn’t just about fish count or fish size. Instead, the true goal is to “earn” your fish with an efficient and accurate cast, while employing as little equipment as possible. Done right, fly fishing is more like hunting. Quietly stalking along a clear trout stream looking for a fish or promising water is fun by itself. But, seeing a fish, making an accurate cast and hooking a fish is a fish well earned. This is fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a new lens to look through. It will sharpen your view of nature and build value in the wonder of the outdoors. Through fly fishing, you can collect magical memories that will last a lifetime. You can fly fish by yourself to find solitude or you can fly fish with those that matter. Young or old, boy or girl, everyone can fly fish and so can you!

You might have heard that fly fishing is complex and intimidating. Approached correctly, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we at Leland, argue that fly fishing is actually the easiest form of fishing. Fish don’t have hands! Sounds funny to state, but it’s true. Fish have to eat to stay alive and they are naturally curious…meaning they will put your fly in their mouth. All you have to do is get your fly in front of a fish.

It’s time you started fly fishing!

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’ve always wanted to fly fish.” If you’ve ever poked your head into a typical fly shop and found yourself overwhelmed with too much equipment and underwhelmed by the service, you’re not alone. For thirty years we’ve been listening to our customers and honing our craft. We’re ready to service you correctly with just the right amount of confidence-building information and fly fishing gear so you can finally realize your dream…going fly fishing.