Sonoma Traveler Trout Fly Fishing Outfit 8' #5


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No joke...the best-balanced, most-efficient trout fly fishing outfit on the planet. It's also our #1 seller.


Leland Sonoma Traveler 8ft 5 Weight 4-piece Trout Fly Fishing Outfit:

This is the outfit that Leland used on his days off!

Efficiency is the secret of any well-crafted fly cast. A balanced fly fishing outfit, like the Leland Sonoma Traveler, embodies this principle. Our rod, reel and fly line compliment one another and amplify your body's movement, transferring your effort through the fly rod and into the fly line. The result are casts that celebrate our sport by providing you with controlled distance, accuracy and a subtle presentation, all with astonishing ease.

Our Leland Sonoma Traveler fly rod is designed to respond to the short, compact casting stroke we teach in our Leland Method casting classes. The five weight Sonoma Traveler will help you cast any trout fly with astonishing accuracy and efficiency. Unlike the more common nine-footer, our eight footer tracks truer, is better balanced in hand, and will make you a better caster by rewarding the right stroke with brilliant results. Designed as the ideal beginner's rod, this portable four-piecer ended up as one of the finest trout fly rods we've ever cast.

Adorned with our special Leland grip, the Sonoma Traveler fly rod literally fits like a glove into your hand, adding intimacy that other fly rods often lack. Our intuitive grip provides you with added purchase and control of our already well-balanced fly rod. This rod is truly and extension of your body. Of course it's finished with all the right components, including a highly-figured wood insert on our double-uplocking, anodized reel seat. Our non-glare blank finish combined with and our darkened guide set provides a stealthy approach when casting and fishing.

Fly lines too often are a secondary consideration. Not for us at Leland. We searched and tested high and low for the perfect fly line. Our goal was to find a fly line that blends casting efficiency and enjoyment with fishing function. After much research, casting, testing and frustrating results, we decided to embark on our own journey to design the best fly line. It took us a while, but we did our job. Our Leland weight forward, five-weight floating fly line (affectionately called the "Pliny" after our favorite beer) casts like butter and floats like a cork and very noticeably compliments the efficient taper of our Leland Sonoma Traveler fly rod.

Not kidding, when you cast our Pliny line and our special Leland leader (12' 4x) on our Leland Traveler fly'll finally understand what true casting efficiency is. Also, if you cast only our Pliny line's head (weight-forward section), the result is always a beautiful and accurate forty foot cast. Any knowledgeable fly angler will tell you forty feet is the magic mark. However, if you do need more distance, our line shoots with ease.

To store the perfect fly line, we obviously needed a fly reel. Again, we worked hard to design a fly reel that balanced correctly with our fly rod, both physically and aesthetically. The Leland Classic Trout fly reel is the answer. When combined with the Leland Traveler fly rod and our fly line, the whole is much greater than the sum of parts. With an adjustable and proven click and pawl drag system, this fly reel nods to the great fly reels of the past, while employing better contemporary materials and manufacturing process, ensuring a fly reel that will last a lifetime. Your grandfather would approve of this reel's quality and he'd certainly approve of the celebratory sound it makes when your fish heads downstream.

Finally, you can store your balanced Leland Sonoma Traveler fly fishing outfit handily in our nylon-covered rod tube. With its integrated, padded reel pouch, you can leave your Leland Classic Trout fly reel mounted proudly on your favorite trout rod for easy storage and more importantly, quick rigging when it's time to hit the water.


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