LOOP X10 Sunglasses

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Lens Color: Copper/Green
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It's nice to have a pair of sunglasses created and designed by fly fisherman for fly fisherman.  As many anglers have found it is extremely important to to be able to visually see the target, aka fish, in their natural environment.  This creates a huge benefit for the angler, and maximizes the chance of seeing that hook up and the following adrenaline rush.  Use them to stalk monster bonefish on the flats or honing in your skills of sneaking up on trout.  The LOOP sunglasses offer a wide variety of performance in differing light conditions. To learn more about the lens colors, and which one is right for you click here

Available in four distinct lens colors (Copper/Green, Grey/Blue, Yellow and Copper/Flash), each of our X10 and V10 models utilize outstanding polarized optics and polyamide lens technology to dramatically reduce glare and refraction from the water surface. After an exhaustive development process and constant performance evaluations in a spectrum of weather conditions, we are confident you will not find a clearer, more visually accurate range of fly fishing glasses to enhance your fishing.  

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