Leland Rod Co. British Columbia Boat Net


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A long handled boat landing net for big water and big fish.


If you have a drift boat, pram or a canoe...you better have a net. You might already have one, but it's probably a short-handled net which requires you to lean far over to land your fish. Lean too far and you'll be swimming with the fishes.

Get yourself the Leland Boat Net. With its lengthy, well-crafted, hardwood handle, you'll be scooping up fish like a pro. You'll also be happy to know that the Leland Boat Net uses a UV-resistant soft rubber netting. This is good news for your fish's soft skin, should you choose to release it. It's also great for keeping fly hooks from getting stuck in the netting.

Bottom line, this is one great net to keep in your favorite watercraft while fishing. You won't be disappointed!

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