Hatch Finatic 9+ Gen 2 Reel, Clear/Black


Sale price$800.00


9+ Finatic Gen 2 Fly Reel delivers the same exceptional power and performance with a new frame that is half an ounce lighter!


Hatch Finatic 9+ Fly Fishing Reel

The Hatch Finatic 9+ Fly Fishing Reel is the ideal saltwater or spey fly reel, designed for running down massive fish on the end of your 9 to 12 weight fly line. Named in honor of you, the avid angler who lives for chasing fins with a fly, the Hatch Finatic 9+ Fly Fishing Reel is guaranteed to fuel your enthusiasm and devotion to the sport.

This is where the rubber meets the road my friends! If you've been dreaming of a fly fishing reel that has the look, feel, and performance of a Ferrari, then look no further. Capable of running 9 through 12 weight fly lines, and your choice of mid or large arbor spools, the Hatch Finatic 9+ Fly Fishing Reel is one versatile hombre. If you are truly serious about saltwater or spey fishing, then the Hatch Finatic 9+ Fly Fishing Reel is what you need.



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