Airflo's Ridge Permit/Tarpon Fly Line, Floating WF10


Sale price$89.99


With plenty of line mass to kick over bulky crab flies, this is our favorite permit fly line.


Built around Airflo’s low-stretch multifilament Power Core, the Ridge Permit-Tarpon fly line offers anglers efficient, accurate casting, unmatched sensitivity for take detection, and the hooksetting ability necessary to drive a crab fly into a pemit's mouth. With Airflo's Ridge outerlayer, this line shoots well and rarely tangles, and, thanks to polyurethane construction and a braided core, it maintains its pliability across a wide temperature range. Designed with a powerful weight forward bullet taper, the Airflo Ridge Permit-Tarpon fly line loads rods quickly and turns over the lengthy leaders and large flies that successful permit fishing demands.

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