What is a fly fishing deal?

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What really is a deal? The answer depends on who you are and what makes you happy. If you’re the type that defines a “deal” only as a reduction of retail price…we’ll speed things up a bit. Click this link and you’ll find all sorts of fly fishing items we have on sale. Just know they’re on sale for a reason. If however, you’re the type that defines a “deal” as paying a fair price for exactly what you confidently want (and nothing more), we have several true deals for you to consider.

Our Leland Sonoma Traveler Fly Fishing Outfit is the “deal” for anyone wanting to truly enjoy an experience while fly fishing for trout. This outfit (rod, reel and line) is perfectly-balanced and efficient. With it, effortless and accurate fly casts to forty feet are yours at will. We’ve worked hard designing the right fly rod, fly reel, fly line and even the right leader to make every fly cast for trout magical. Whether you’re just getting started in fly fishing, or if you’ve been at it for years, this outfit will make your time on the water that much better. It’s the very same outfit we use for every casting class here at our ranch. It’s also the staff favorite when we head out to fish for trout.

Fly fishing is for everyone, especially children. Spending precious time stream-side with a youngster is a day well spent. Our Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit is an honest “deal” for a young boy or girl. It’s absolutely the correct length and weight for any younger angler and arrives ready to cast right out of the box. Just add a fake bug and your kid will happily drop the Ipad or smart phone and go fishing with you. This outfit is perfect for catching bluegill in a farm pond or for stalking trout in smaller streams. Without sounding too bold, nothing comes close to the castability and quality we offer in our Sonoma Emerger Fly Fishing Outfit. You’ll never second guess this “deal.”

Hidden within the chaotic noise of today’s performance fly lines is a whisper of the truth. That’s our humble Leland “Pliny” fly line calling to you. It’s inviting you to a fly casting world filled with intimate, buttery-smooth, efficient loops. Accuracy and subtle presentations are its signature. Should you need more distance than the world’s easiest forty foot cast, our “Pliny” fly line shoots extra line like nothing you’ve ever cast…it’s that good. Although we designed it specifically to compliment our line up of Leland fly rods, its magic will raise the fly casting enjoyment of any rod. As with all our Leland equipment, our “Pliny” line comes with our famous, money-back guarantee. We believe there’s no better “deal” offered in fly lines.

At Leland, we believe the fly fishing is special. Invest your time wisely with those that truly matter and make worthwhile memories that last a lifetime. We believe the same should be true for fly fishing. If you are going to make a purchase, be thoughtful and invest in a solution that you’ll never regret.

From all of us at Leland: Josh, Laurel, Keith, Casey, Carrie, Greg and Burke,

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