Umpqua SuperFluoro Tippet 7X

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Leland on Umpqua SuperFluoro Tippet

This exceptional tippet material is made of 100% fluorocarbon (polyvinylidenfluoride). Umpqua SuperFluoro Tippet is the strongest and thinnest fluorocarbon on the market with an incredible strength to diameter ratio! Umpqua SuperFluoro Tippet is slightly softer than regular Fluoro but with the same refractivity index, which is lower than traditional nylon and almost invisible to fish.

SuperFlouro™ is the latest generation of premium 100% fluorocarbon. In addition to its high breaking strength and near invisibility, SuperFlouro™ knots smoothly, reducing knot failure and yielding a superior wet-knot strength. It is less stiff than earlier fluorocarbons with a resulting suppleness that allows even the smallest of flies to really “swim” in the current.

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