Umpqua Pike/Muskie Leader, 8′ 20lb/30lb, Single Pack

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Product Description

Nothing beats the fun of a large fish blow up. Pike or muskie are voracious when taking a fly. After the grab, the fight is worth the price of admission, but you’ll have no chance of landing your fish if you don’t have the right leader. Umpqua’s Pike/Muskie leader is designed specifically for the task. It has the power to turn over the larger flies used to catch these bigger fish, plus a reinforced “shock” leader section which stands tough against the sharp teeth of a pike or muskie. Now go and get ’em.

When Umpqua set out to make the absolute best leader for pike/muskie, there was only one choice… Tyger wire. The industry leader in providing the strongest coated wire, Tyger Leader allows any favorite knot to be easily tied. This leader has 6′ of hard nylon professionally albrighted to 18″ of 30lb. Tyger wire tippet.

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Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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