Umpqua Floating Salmon/Steelhead Leader, 10ft, 16lb

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Product Description

With a longer butt section, Umpqua’s Salmon/Steelhead leader has the power to turn over larger, heavier steelhead flies with little effort. It’s also abrasion resistant, which means you’ll have a solid chance of landing that chrome bumper of a fish, even if it rubs your leader on a river rock or two during the fight. Give yourself every chance for success. Arrive prepared for your steelhead trip with the right leader.

With this long butt section, this leader provides the mass needed for big wets on long casts; for skating foam dries and wakers; for turning over heavier leeches and nymphs. Olive-tinted Tough Nylon for abrasion resistance when they run down the riffles and take your line around the rock.


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