Treeline Outdoors Redwood 4-5 Person Tent

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To order, please contact, or call (415) 659-9356.


  • Tough, all metal structure, hinges and receivers
  • Large hinges (store bedding inside tent while collapsed)
  • 2 inches of increased overall height when opened
  • YKK zippers
  • Extra-rugged frame and poles: 2mm wall thickness, small diameter, aluminum tubing
  • Condensation sleeves on all exposed metal frames
  • Goal Zero® Solar Ready
  • Utility net on tent base underside for additional storage
  • Heavy duty rubber storage latches
  • Three extra large awning windows
  • Quick release hand screws for easy install & removal
  • High density foam mattress
  • Removable condensation-proof mattress cover
  • Removable shoe/utility storage bags
  • Fully Zippered windows
  • No-see-um mesh throughout
  • D ring for hanging lighting
  • Unisex emergency urinal
  • Additional material for tent, rainfly and meshing repairs
  • Fits on any vehicle with a roof rack wider than 37 inches
  • Fits roof racks smaller than 37inches with minor modifications

Product Description

To order, please contact, or call (415) 659-9356.


Our third generation of Roof-Top Tents are our best yet. Designed by us, and built according to our specifications, the new tents are lighter and more aerodynamic than ever. All Gen3 tents are Solar Ready, designed in collaboration with Goal Zero to seamlessly integrate with their numerous solar products.

The Redwood is Treeline’s most spacious tent. It features a rugged, lightweight aluminum honeycomb base, the strongest and most durable tent base on the market. Aluminum tubing with 2mm wall thickness, makes the tent both light weight and extra rugged. And it comes with Treeline’s signature oversized awning windows that can be rolled up for unrestricted views. Other unique features include utility storage bags, a storage net, hi-tech Diamond Ripstop rainfly, and heavy duty rubber latches for storing heavier gear like rods and paddles, keeping them safe and out of the way.  Despite it’s size the Redwood sets up and takes down in minutes. It also comes with a built-in, waterproof, high density foam mattress that can stay inside the tent during travel.

Sleeps: 4-5
COLORS: Grey/Orange
Base: 23mm Aluminum Honeycomb


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Model Breakdown

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